Weinergate? Please.

If you want to know why Breitbart and his cronies set their sights on Congressman Anthony Weiner, check out this excellent piece by Allan at Angry Black Lady Chronicles.

Seriously, click it.

If you need another reason to discredit the Congressman’s detractors (other than the victim’s statement saying she doesn’t believe for a minute Weiner sent her the photo, Weiner’s denials, the demonstrations of the ease of hacking Yfrog, the mismatch between “the photo” and other photos the Congressman has uploaded, the fact that the only person who saw the tweet was harassing both Weiner and Cordova, et cetera and so on.) this piece is the golden nail in the coffin.




Prop 8 Hearing Continuing Now.

C-Span is airing the appeal live for Proposition 8 right now. Tune in if you are able. If not, Prop 8 Trial Tracker is live blogging from the courtroom. I am watching it the proceedings now, and am also tweeting summaries and my own commentary on this blog’s Twitter account. Follow me to keep up with the arguments!

Edit: Now that the court has adjourned, tune into Prop8TrialTracker for analysis and discussion. Sadly I cannot participate until later tonight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t!

Update on Double Shot: Non Apology Comfirmed.

Apparently, Brian Franklin sent off an indignant e-mail to Fox23. On the broadcast, we’re only treated to point #3 (of who knows how many), which is at the end of the segment.The gist of it is this:

Franklin was not joking, and he is not sorry. He thinks that everyone who spoke out against his comments is being selfish, for only fighting for “their own rights” instead of fighting for his right to ban breastfeeding mothers from his shop.


1. Breastfeeding mothers weren’t the only ones speaking against his comments.

2. Breastfeeding mothers are not selfish for defending their right to feed their children while in his shop, and their children’s right to be fed when they’re hungry.

3. He wants someone else to fight for his “rights”–is he too lazy to do it himself? Who’s selfish now?

I cannot fathom what kind of hoop-jumping that would lead to this idea. But it’s safe to say, I still don’t want a guy like Franklin making my coffee. Watch the news report here.

See Get Your Activism On: A Double Shot of Discrimination and Espresso.


I just posted my 50th post today. Time to celebrate!

I never imagined when I started this blog that I would also soon have a profile on BlogHer, and create Twitter and YouTube accounts just for my blog.

It’s also amazing the things I’ve learned and the awesome websites I’ve found because of my blogging. Without this blog, I wouldn’t have discovered HerCircleEzine, and would never be interning there. Without this blog, I would have found My Fault, I’m Female, and I wouldn’t be moderating there. (And my family thinks I’m just wasting time on the internets!)

As part of this celebration, I’ll post the weirdest search term anyone has used that led them to my blog. Are you ready?

“free indian sex women with little boy”


I’ve gaped, gawked, been slightly horrified. But I’ve resisted my trainwreck syndrome, and I have not Google’d it. Because, I mean, well…look at it. If you showed me this phrase and bet me it would take you to a feminist blog, I would take that bet. So, yeah. You should be proud of me. I have a bad case of Trainwreck syndrome.

Also! To date, my Fear Assumptions, Not Monsters, parts onetwo, and three, as well as my update on domestic partnership benefits at Western Kentucky University are by far my most popular posts. I’m glad to see that!

I hope to see more lurkers coming out of the woodwork in the near future! I’m grateful for you reading, but I’d like to know what you think!

Have a great [time of day]!

– Brittany-Ann

A Bookish Beemer is now on Twitter!

I’m excited to announce that A Bookish Beemer is now on Twitter! You can instantly get updated on new posts, in addition to links that I find interesting. There will also be quick commentary on current news events and things I experience in my day-to-day life. Follow me here!

Take Over the Hash Tag!

Twitter is becoming more and more a way to make a statement. CNN and political commentators are even putting people’s relevant tweets on the air while discussing certain topics. I knew nothing of this potential when I joined Twitter–I joined so I could update my facebook status from my phone, so I could keep my friends and family updated while I was studying abroad last semester.

Some of the trending topics and hash tags are silly, often discussing celebrities or the latest television show. But often, they comment on news pieces, politics, and subjects relevant to feminism.

I noticed a hash tag on a friend’s twitter just now that I found interesting:

I used it to comment on Utah’s legislation that would criminalize a woman for miscarrying, but there’s a lot of feminist potential for this tag–how about it, fellow Tweeters? How about we hijack this hash tag to get a feminist message out?

Do it once, do it twice, do it all day!

Post on twitter a feminist ideal or goal we’d have thought might not be an issue by now.

For you non-tweeters, a mini-tutorial:
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