They See Me Rollin’, They Trollin’! (Fun With A Religous-flavored Troll)

So I got me a troll on an old post of mine: Why I Left Christianity: And Why I Stayed Away. I was responding on the post itself, but then I thought: why waste my fun on a post lost in my archives, and deprive everyone else of some Sunday night amusement?

FYI: The troll engaged in some righteous proselytizing and condemnations, so if you’re not up for that, come back when you’re in the right headspace to deal with it.

Ready? Here we go!

You said : “Why did I stay away from Christianity once I’d healed, adjusted to my new life, and figured out what I was going to do after high school?
Simple: Christians.”

Don’t generalize Christians and use others actions towards you to shun God.

Oh, honey. I can do whatever I want, and I shall. If the shoe fits, I will say so. Besides, if the behavior of Christians didn’t represent you, then you’d call them out on their bullshit, rather than concern troll the people Christians have hurt. Since you ARE pulling the “we’re not all like that!” card, something struck a nerve.

You may run into a few that are not of God. When you accept Jesus Christ you must understand your life is going to be difficult at times. It’s never easy for me being a Christian, I get flack from my gay friends and atheist think I’m stupid and one even made jokes at work openly but I deal with it because I understand serving Jesus and agreeing with his laws takes away alot out of my life and the world. Being a Christian in these times are NOT easy at least over here.

Jokes. Some coworker of yours makes jokes. Oh, and your gay friends call you out on your religion’s bigotry (and probably your own, too), and your atheist friends are critical of Christianity. All the tears, hon. All the tears. Matthew Shepard has nothing on you.

Where did I say you were weak? Rebellious and angry spirit against God you might have yes because things are not your way and jumping to tarot cards and other forms of spirituality looking for answers you know the answer to.

That whole “You left Christianity, but I would NEVER let anyone get between me and GAWD! thing. I’m a writer. I know how to analyze a text and pull meaning from it. Please to not be playing stupid with me.

And see, I was right. You didn’t read the post. Fail, my dear. Fail. Go back and read it again.

You need someone to tell you the truth and not sugarcoat this. I never comment but I wrote to you being in a similar situation. How can I come off so judgmental admitting to having the same feelings and experiences.

I wrote an entire series on the topic. You mentioned it in passing in your opening sentence as a lead-in to proselytizing and threats. Your comment was dripping with judgment–though I’m baffled as to why you’d think I’d care, Anonymous little Christian.

Don’t ya’ll just LOVE how this snowflake thinks she’s the first one ever to say anything like this to me? Everyone ever is just sugarcoating and lying to me. What a brave Crusader.

As for my comment on one day something bad is going to happen I am not trying to curse you if you don’t want to go to church fine, you don’t like religion practices fine nobody is forcing you you have a mind of your own. Anything God tells us is just for our own good and betterment it’s not to hurt us. We as Christians just care because we know the end result living that life and turning away.

I don’t believe in curses–at least the sort you’re referring to here. I’m a big fan of fuck. It’s a very versatile word, and it has such power. Makes everybody pay attention, don’t you think?

Wait. Are you claiming to speak for your god, here? Big step, little troll. Big step.

I do care about your soul and see myself in you a little bit and don’t want to see you fall into Satan’s grip. Again I am not trying to make a “come to Jesus” moment just rethink real hard about that decision because did you really love God or just wanted to use Him for your personal gain? What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul? Remember the key is all this is temporary and one day everyone will have to answer Him. Also checkout Romans 1:28 on depraved minds, peace.

Yeah, that little girl-child was totes out to use god for her own gain. I mean, how else was she gonna get to stay up past her bedtime?

I am DEPRAVED, YA’LL. How depraved do you think I am?


A Few Tips For Engaging in Facebook Debates

1. Consistency. Trotting out the latest tropes about women, people in poverty, and immigrants while insisting you’re the furthest thing from a misogynist is not going to help you make your case.

2. Show me, don’t tell me. Talking about how awesome an advocate you are for women while arguing for legislation that will roll back women’s rights ain’t gonna convince me for shit. I will consider the telling a flat out lie, and take the showing for what you really are.

3. Bingo! Get me a bingo on the anti-feminist bingo card, and I will cease taking the discussion seriously, and begin to mock you.

4. Playground. If you do the above, and then act all surprised when I get angry and respond angrily, I will conclude that you’re nothing but a troll. I’ll call you on your stupidity.

5. Be nice! Don’t act like an asshole for the entire discussion, and then cry foul when I stop treating it like a civil discussion. Admonishing me to be nice while acting like a jackass is also pretty misogynistic.

6. Sob story! Don’t tell me how haaaaaard it is to be you. I don’t really care at this point. You’re just trying to score points. I will not play the “who’s life is worse” game. I’m not really believing your sob story is the truth, either.

7. Store clerks look at me! MRA whining? Really? You’re really going there? Don’t go there.

8. I know everything! No, you really don’t. You have a whole hell of a lot to learn. Just by telling me you know allll about feminism already, so why the fuck would you waste time reading Feminism 101 blogs, tells me you know nothing.

9. Feminazi! Fucking really? Stop talking. That shit disgusts me, as it would any decent person. You lose your decent person card.

10. Olive branch! You’re not extending me an olive branch. The only way to end this amicably is to apologize, and shut the fuck up and listen. Clogging up my inbox with your trash isn’t making peace–you’re just trying to hide from the rest of the facebook world what a jerk you are. Transparent, you are.

This, my friends, is how I spent my evening. What a waste of time.

Renee, You Go Girl!

Blogging is hard. Serious, thoughtful blogging can be taxing. You do as much research as for an academic paper, but get little validation, no credit, and often, harassed for your trouble. What Renee of Womanist Musings is dealing with right now is a prime example.

And it’s bullshit.

She’s a good, devoted writer. Researching and writing posts for the world to read, and for the community to discuss, and doing it regularly is a feat. She deserves credit for that. Renee also deserves credit for being a good writer–giving thoughtful posts, some serious, some passionate, and some lighthearted.

ONTD members should be ashamed of their behavior, and of their harassment. If they want to behave childishly, they should keep to mocking one another’s icons (and spelling) in the traditional ONTD LJ way, on their own forum. Swamping someone else’s space, and flooding it with vitriol, is childish, rude, and hateful. Renee, nor her readers, are looking for their petty commentary.

Fortunately so, the comments are shut down on those posts. But here, I want to speak up and vocalize my support for Renee and Womanist Musings. It is a wonderful blog, and I’ve learned many things from Renee in the months I’ve been a reader. Bloggers don’t get enough thanks for what they do, and especially not those who dare to speak out against the kyriarchy.

Kudos, Renee.