Equal Pay: Just Be Aggressive! Says the Critics

Yesterday was Equal Pay Day. It seems, in just about every conversation regarding the pay gap, someone suggests that women just aren’t as aggressive in seeking promotions and raises. It’s a rather annoying argument, because it plays into the stereotype of the nurturing, conflict avoidant Woman, and we all know that women aren’t a monolithic group. The only thing that women have in common is that we are given the label “woman.”

To answer this bogus argument, I decided to do something a little different, and created a photo essay. Enjoy!

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Equal Pay for Equal Work

Others have made the point that health insurance is a part of women’s wages, wages that we earn–not a privilege benevolently bestowed on us by men who may revoke it at any time, because taxpayers and religion.

I agree with that point–I’ve said it many times in face to face arguments and on facebook over the last month.

Women have an established right to equal pay for equal work. Allowing employers to restrict our access to birth control is a violation of that right.

We earn our health benefits. No matter how icky you may find our cunts, and how we use our cunts, you cannot restrict our access to the health benefits that we have earned by our work.

The debate on birth control is merely a new verse in the same old song. This is nothing more than the next attempt to take away the rights of women to be free and to choose our own destinies.