LOL of the Day: Paulites

I came upon this brilliant post by Ashley F. Miller via Clarissa’s weekly blogaround, a summation of reasons to dislike Ron Paul.

Better, though, were the cohorts of Paul that flocked to Miller’s post to defend Paul and debase her. Anyone else notice that Paulites always use the same strategies to defend Paul? Every time. The same. Perhaps I’ll write a separate post about that in the future.

But what amused me most of all about the commenters were these responses here, to Ashley asserting that most of Paul’s defenders came from a Ron Paul fan site.

How does she know? they wonder. She must be making it up, they say. Incredulity, all around. Not to mention quick jumps to accusations of lying and conspiracies.

Really, have none of these trolls ever heard of statistics pages that most major blogging hosts have nowadays? It’s true. Not only can you see how many people are viewing specific posts and pages, but you can also see where these viewers came from, and gasp! What links they clicked on!

Such a little thing to pick out, but it amused me nonetheless. Ah, Ron Paul fans. Please, keep it up–it’s Monday, I could use some entertainment.

What I’m Reading: Bloggers on the Bus


My uncle gave this to me a while back, and I started reading it about 30 minutes ago.

Can I just say how cool it is to be reading about bloggers and our effect on politics in a book?

Fun Stuff: New Toy!

Over the weekend, I got a new phone. This is the first time that I’ve gone shopping explicitly for one that will enable me to blog easily-and so far I’m pretty pleased. This is my first post from my new phone-an Android myTouch.

It’s definitely different from my old Blackberry, that’s for sure. What say you? Do you blog from your phone? What do you use?

Weinergate? Please.

If you want to know why Breitbart and his cronies set their sights on Congressman Anthony Weiner, check out this excellent piece by Allan at Angry Black Lady Chronicles.

Seriously, click it.

If you need another reason to discredit the Congressman’s detractors (other than the victim’s statement saying she doesn’t believe for a minute Weiner sent her the photo, Weiner’s denials, the demonstrations of the ease of hacking Yfrog, the mismatch between “the photo” and other photos the Congressman has uploaded, the fact that the only person who saw the tweet was harassing both Weiner and Cordova, et cetera and so on.) this piece is the golden nail in the coffin.



Take Heart.

In the wake of Rand Paul’s election, and the resulting gloating of conservatives, I discovered Tim Wise’s essay, An Open Letter to the White Right, On the Occasion of Your Recent, Successful Temper Tantrum. And it is beautiful.

Despite the numbers–that the Tea Party wasn’t as successful as they were predicting, that, as Tim points out, the birthrate points to racial minorities becoming the majority in a generation, and every other indicator that Americans just aren’t interested in Tea Party America, they just won’t shut up.

Reading this piece gives me heart, especially after so many bloggers and pundits repeating the assertion that Democrats are hopelessly spineless, that a progressive agenda will never come to fruition, and so on. We’ve lost before. We’ll lose again. But in the end, justice, equality, and freedom will come out on top. Americans are legendarily bull-headed, progressives as much as conservatives. Might doesn’t make Right. Right makes Might.

We survived Bush. I’ve no doubt we survive the cowardly Rand Paul. As we get another taste of the bitterness that was forced down our throats during the Bush years, we’ll regroup with a stronger resolve to end discrimination against our LGBT brethren, to end the enduring discrimination against women and racial minorities, and to repair the damage done in the Bush years.

I’m reminded as I struggle with personal loss and to make my own living in a world of economic struggle, not to lose sight of the larger picture. And I’m thankful for a fantastic support network of family and friends (liberal and conservative alike) that allows me to do so. Without them, I wouldn’t have the privilege of writing. And it is a privilege–the recent events spurred my absence served as a cold, hard reminder of that. The world is cold and hard–but I will struggle to be a warm, bleeding heart in the midst of it.


I just posted my 50th post today. Time to celebrate!

I never imagined when I started this blog that I would also soon have a profile on BlogHer, and create Twitter and YouTube accounts just for my blog.

It’s also amazing the things I’ve learned and the awesome websites I’ve found because of my blogging. Without this blog, I wouldn’t have discovered HerCircleEzine, and would never be interning there. Without this blog, I would have found My Fault, I’m Female, and I wouldn’t be moderating there. (And my family thinks I’m just wasting time on the internets!)

As part of this celebration, I’ll post the weirdest search term anyone has used that led them to my blog. Are you ready?

“free indian sex women with little boy”


I’ve gaped, gawked, been slightly horrified. But I’ve resisted my trainwreck syndrome, and I have not Google’d it. Because, I mean, well…look at it. If you showed me this phrase and bet me it would take you to a feminist blog, I would take that bet. So, yeah. You should be proud of me. I have a bad case of Trainwreck syndrome.

Also! To date, my Fear Assumptions, Not Monsters, parts onetwo, and three, as well as my update on domestic partnership benefits at Western Kentucky University are by far my most popular posts. I’m glad to see that!

I hope to see more lurkers coming out of the woodwork in the near future! I’m grateful for you reading, but I’d like to know what you think!

Have a great [time of day]!

– Brittany-Ann

I Finally Did It!

I’d been toying with the idea of making a YouTube account for this blog, and today, I finally did it. I made an introduction video today! (And I share where my name came from!) It took a bit of trial and error, but I made the video, and added a transcript. If there are any problems with the transcript let me know–it took me a couple of tries to get it right.

Without further ado: Read more of this post