2012 GOP Primary Like Democrats in 2008?

A guest on Piers Morgan’s show in CNN last night made a very interesting comparison: the guest equated the current Republican primary to the Democratic primary in 2008, in terms of two candidates competing all the way to the convention.

However, there’s one big difference in the two primaries that, I believe, makes them not so comparable. In 2008, Democrats, progressives, and liberals were divided into two camps: pro-Clinton and pro-Obama.

Today, the GOP is also divided, but, into anti-Romney and anti-Santorum camps. Also, anti-Gingrich, because he’s still in the race, and unlike the analysts, I don’t believe he’s going to drop out anytime soon. If you want to get a little wild, you have Ron Paul’s fan club to spice things up a bit (but mostly just to annoy the shit out of you).

In 2008, you had two groups of the Democratic electorate that were wildly passionate about their candidates. Today, the Republicans don’t have that passion. Some do–but not nearly enough to maintain the energy the party is going to need for a primary that’s going to last all the way to the convention.

The longer this primary lasts, the more conservatives that are going to lose patience with this dog and pony show put on by a bunch of dudes they don’t even really like, and they’re going to stop paying attention, stop caring, and perhaps even stop donating and stop voting.

That’s a huge contrast from the excitement of the 2008 Democratic primary.

(Note: I can’t find a video online of the discussion. If I find it later, I’ll edit in the link.)

Quote of the Day: Bloggers on the Bus

Yep, still reading. I found this priceless quote within the chapter analyzing the way bloggers and social media affected the 2008 Presidential race:

“In many ways Clinton was the AOL to Obama’s Google during the campaign season. Online, she represented the more lumbering, established giant, and he was the nimble newcomer. Poor John McCain. He was the CompuServe of 2008.”


If you haven’t read it already, why aren’t you?

If you have, what is your favorite quote?