Ari Fleischer: One of the Worst Displays I’ve Ever Seen

While we’re talking about decorum and civility, let’s talk about Ari Fleischer. He, along with Stephanie Cutter, President Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager, were on Anderson Cooper’s program last night, to discuss the President’s remark to the Russian President.

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Whenever Stephanie spoke, Mr. Fleischer couldn’t restrain himself from smirking, shaking his head, and interrupting Stephanie mid-sentence.

It was disgusting. I could barely focus on what was being said, I was so astounded at his disrespect, his sexist dismissal at anything Stephanie said. Over and over again: “Well, actually, Stephanie, this is what happened.” “I’d like to point out that Stephanie didn’t answer the question.” (She did. He was too busy shaking his head and waiting for a pause to interrupt to notice.)

Ari, if you remember, was a press secretary for President George W. Bush, as well as being involved in Komen for the Cure’s strategy planning on Planned Parenthood, and interviewing applicants for top positions at Komen.