OB/GYN on Forced Ultrasounds: Fuck That Shit

An anonymous doc calls for his fellow OB/GYNs to engage in some good ole’ fashioned civil disobedience.

From Whatever:

“Fellow physicians, once again we are being used as tools to screw people over. This time, it’s the politicians who want to use us to implement their morally reprehensible legislation. They want to use our ultrasound machines to invade women’s bodies, and they want our hands to be at the controls. Coerced and invaded women, you have a problem with that? Blame us evil doctors. We are such deliciously silent scapegoats.

It is our responsibility, as always, to protect our patients from things that would harm them. Therefore, as physicians, it is our duty to refuse to perform a medical procedure that is not medically indicated. Any medical procedure. Whatever the pseudo-justification.

It’s time for a little old-fashioned civil disobedience.”

Check out the whole piece here.

I hope every OB/GYN across the country reads this piece.


A Brilliant Observation on Anti-Choicers

A commenter named GWPDA made a very good point on this post:

“It’s about eliminating women from their positions as free citizens – emancipated and fully legitimate. If I am not trusted to make a decision on my own about my own body, then I am most certainly not trusted to exercise the franchise, sign a contract, or hold property in my own name. I have been eliminated as a citizen of the United States.”


We are too stupid to realize that it is a fetus we want to expel from our uteri when we seek an abortion, so we have to be told it’s a “life” and a “separate human being.”

We are too stupid to have made our decision before we make an appointment, shove our way through screeching, aggressive protesters, and enter a clinic, so we must wait twenty-four hours.

We are too stupid to know what a fetus or an embryo looks like, so we must have probes shoved inside us, so that we may be enlightened.

We’re too stupid to make decisions about our bodies, so why should we have any rights at all?

Perhaps anyone marginally on the pro-life side, or on the fence, should investigate what the leaders of the pro-life movement really believe before you listen to their raving about abortion.

Ron Paul Memes

There are a couple of Ron Paul memes making the rounds on facebook–basically photos of Paul with captions numerating his veteran status, his advocacy for peace, and his love of FREEDOM!™

The more I see the “Ron Paul loves FREEDOM!™ Unlike all those other commie socialist FREEDOM HATERS WHO HATE FREEDOM!™” trope, the angrier I get.

Everyone knows Ron Paul is anti-choice.

I’m sure everyone is sick of women pointing out that Mr. FREEDOM!™ is anti-choice.

It counters the freedom-loving narrative! It’s a buzzkill! Ron Paul fans LOVE RON PAUL, DAMMIT, stop saying bad things about him! Haterz! You hate freedom, too!

If FREEDOM!™ means the freedom for rich-white-straight-men to dictate to others how to live, what medications to take, and take away control of others’ own bodies? Then, yep, I hate FREEDOM!™

The very idea that a Presidential candidate can trot out the freedom trope, and millions of people buy it, when that same candidate has stated over and over again that a woman should have no right to decide what happens to her own body, to decide whether or not to risk her own fucking life for another potential life, is utterly flabbergasting.

Ron Paul does not love freedom. He loves freedom for himself, and others exactly like him–and no one else.

Ron Paul fans are quick to jump on anyone who points these facts out. But otherwise? They completely ignore this issue. Here’s one of the memes: Read more of this post

Escorts at Louisville’s Abortion Clinic

Kentucky has only two clinics in the state that offer abortion services–one of them is in Louisville, the largest city in the state.

Unfortunately, this clinic is regularly a target of anti-choice protesters. By regularly, I mean all the time. The protesters harass, intimidate, shame, and attempt to deceive women by directing them to the TWO crisis pregnancy centers on the same street as the clinic. (CPCs are fake clinics set up by anti-choice organizations. Their goal is to prevent women from having abortions, by either convincing them not to, or by giving them false information about, well, everything.)

Because of this, a bunch of really great people volunteer to escort women from their cars to the clinic doors. They get up ridiculously early to make sure women have a buffer between themselves and the protesters, and to give them support every step along the way.

The escorts have a blog–they post stories, photos, and video of everything that goes down in front of the clinic. Check it out.

The bullshit they deal with is incredible–the verbal harassment, the pushing, hitting, tripping, physical intimidation, and sometimes, even worse.

I’ve got to warn you, though: it will piss you off.

It pissed me off.

I can’t but admire the escorts–for doing what they do.

I’ve wanted to volunteer myself–but getting up so early, after working so late in the night, is out of the question.

I wonder, too, if I’d be able to keep my temper in check. I wonder if I’d be able to refrain from pushing back, hitting back, or kicking out the kneecap of the person that tripped me. As my regular readers know, I’m big on self-defense.

But then again, I read stories like this from the escorts, and I want nothing more than to go down there and help. I want to escort. I want to write and write and write. I want to write here, and on Pulse of the City. I want to write to the mayor, the chief of police, and anyone else and demand they post officers at the clinic to protect patients and escorts. I want to post endlessly on my facebook page, ranting and educating, and encouraging people to take action.

It’s so easy to hear stories and think, “wow, that’s completely fucked up” and perhaps write a ranty comment, and then go on with your day. Until I found the Louisville escort’s blog, I was like that, too. Reading their stories, talking to people I know that go down there, and seeing the photos and video of anti-choice protesters doing this in my city, to my people, made it so very real to me.

Oh, and by the way? What these protesters are doing is illegal. Obstructing access, intimidation, threats, violence, in order to keep women from obtaining reproductive services–illegal. Did I say it was illegal? It’s illegal.

But they do it anyway.

Not only are the escorts doing important work by escorting women, but they’re also exposing to the world what exactly happens in front of America’s reproductive clinics. Support and honor them by reading their accounts, viewing their photos, and watching their videos.

Insight into the Anti-Choicer Mind.

It’s been several hours, but I’m still stunned. A man posted on a friend’s facebook that, if he’s paying for (a hypothetical public) health care, then he should get to decide what procedures people get to have. This response was, of course, triggered by a news link to Texas’ ultrasound legislation for abortion.

Initially, he said this:

“But as soon as you made health care a shared social responsibility, which, you did, you made it so that anyone has a say in how you use it.”

Later, he clarified:

“It’s not your body, if you aren’t paying for the health care.”

This nonsense is shocking enough in its sheer arrogance and ignorance. But then, in the same thread, the same poster said this:

“[Requiring an ultrasound before an abortion is] a violation of the 4th amendment, I would think. You know, the people shall not be subject to unreasonable searches… I would think lubing up a paddle and sticking it on your belly to see if you are pregnant might be an unreasonable search. Just my two cents worth.”

In the last quote, he gets it. But in the thread, the latter quote is sandwiched between the other two.

A couple of hours ago, I find that this man is very, very bitter that he has to pay child support, and thinks that his ex having custody is her keeping their child “hostage.”

It all becomes clear now.