Comment Policy

In establishing a comment policy I want to ensure anyone who may visit this site can do so, and not feel harassed, intimidated, demeaned, belittled, or erased because of who they are. I want conversation, free flowing and respectful.

The key to this comment policy is respect. Each of us are human beings—people—not just pseudonyms on the ‘net. As long as you respect people, whether or not they be visitors to this site, you are welcome. The moment you do not, you are not. I will not ban anyone for making a mistake—but I will edit or delete any comment that I deem contradictory to the idea behind this policy. I’ll also comment and let you know you’re out of line, so you have a chance to apologize to those you hurt, and improve your language. Trolls, and those who do not despite warnings, have respect, will be banned.

I believe in free speech, though, despite misconceptions, the 1st Amendment doesn’t protect you from your comments being deleted by individuals (for my American readers). I won’t censor or delete commenters because they disagree with me. Again, this is all about respect, for my readers and for me. Remember, this is my space. I am human and I, like anyone else, do not and will not react well to someone coming into my space and insulting me.

I want to emphasize that comments are welcome on any post, past or present. I will see them. I want dialogue. I want feedback. I want to share experiences. That’s one of the many reasons I started this blog, so have at it!


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