A Bookish Beemer Around the Web

Womanist Musings

Fauxgressives: Stealing is ‘rong You Evil Poor Person!


People and Politics, in Louisville

Kentucky Senate Passes Another Abortion Bill

Religion in Kentucky’s Political Arena

No Name-Calling Week Pushes for More Than Civility

Rotary Club Reluctant to Help Mayor Help Teens

Smoking Ban in the Tobacco State?

Protest to be Held Outside Paul’s Louisville Office

Insight Into the Anti-Choicer Mind

Rape, Cleveland TX, and Louisville

Uniforms in JCPS Have Got to Go

Solutions: School Assignment Plan

Why I Love This Bar: Or, Why Most Bars Suck

Never Forget, Never Again: Remember the Holocaust

Bin Laden Dead: What Now?

Hello Summer Festival: Live and Local

Books Vs E-Readers

Update on the Jobs Bill

What is Occupy Wall Street?

The Blogosphere Finally Gets a Fair Analysis

This is NOT What Democracy Looks Like

I Was There: Occupy Louisville

Impersonating Adulthood

Oi With The Poodles Already

I Am Woman! Hear Me Roarrr

WLKY: Local Voices

Blame It On Computers

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repealed!

More Sidewalks: the Key to Making Louisville Better

Post-Election Question: Who Will She Be?

That’s Not Cool: Confronting Bigotry

Professional Politicians or Agitators?

Imam Yayah Hendi Speaks in Louisville

Rand Paul Needs Schooling, Part Two

Rand Needs Schooling on Campaigning

That Day: September 11, 2001

Kentucky LGBTs and Discrimination

Greg Fischer & Unions: A Press Conference and an Interview.

Yeah, I Just Said What You Think I Just Said: I’m a Feminist.

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