News Corp Scandal: More Than Just Hacking

Shame on me for not keeping up with this. There’s been a lot of developments since, last summer, it was revealed that reporters at News of the World hacked voicemails of celebrities, crime victims, and politicians on a regular basis.

News of the World is owned by the Murdoch’s, the family behind Fox News and various other media outlets in the United States. NotW was shut down after the news (heh) became public.

James Murdoch has stepped down from his position as executive chairman of his father’s media empire branch in the United Kingdom. Wah, wah, blah blah, who cares.

It seems that this atrocity (calling it a scandal does not adequately impart the gravity of this bullshit) is even more widespread than a few icky journalists on icky Murdoch’s payroll being unethical douchebags by hacking into people’s private communications.

From PBS:

GWEN IFILL: Now, since last we talked about this story, there have been arrests, there have been new disclosures about hundreds of thousands of dollars in payoffs to public officials.

Is there any clarity yet about whether this kind of behavior was business as usual or whether it was illegal, whether there was a line here that was crossed?

NED TEMKO: Sadly, I think both are true.

It does appear to have been business as usual. And, indeed, just a couple of days ago, at the judge-led inquiry, one of three inquiries that is now under way into practices in the press, and pretty much has concluded that there was a lot of misbehavior going on.

Sue Akers, the police officer in charge, said that there was a wide culture of payments, for instance, not only to police officers, which was assumed, but to a whole range of government officials. So it was both widespread and in a lot of ways, if all these allegations are true, obviously against the law.”

The video and transcript of the entire interview are both here.

How utterly disgusting. Here’s hoping that all involved, powerful and peon alike, face justice for this.


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