Tea Partiers and Occupiers Come Together For Beer Summit

I just found this video, and I had to share. It’s so unbelievably cool.

Quick background: Occupy showed up at CPAC to protest. Some conference attendees went out to confront the Occupiers. Arguments ensued. Then:

AWESOME. It’s worth all fifteen minutes. If you’re short on time, the condensed version is here.

Stop for a minute. Just imagine what could happen if the Tea Party and Occupy actually “came together” and fought together on the issues that they agree on.



About Brittany-Ann
Brittany-Ann is a proud, self-identified feminist with fictional tendencies. She currently writes for LouisvilleKY.com and moderates at My Fault I'm Female. She smokes camels, reads Dumas, and navigates a conservative state as "one of them darn liberals."

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