Ron Paul Memes

There are a couple of Ron Paul memes making the rounds on facebook–basically photos of Paul with captions numerating his veteran status, his advocacy for peace, and his love of FREEDOM!™

The more I see the “Ron Paul loves FREEDOM!™ Unlike all those other commie socialist FREEDOM HATERS WHO HATE FREEDOM!™” trope, the angrier I get.

Everyone knows Ron Paul is anti-choice.

I’m sure everyone is sick of women pointing out that Mr. FREEDOM!™ is anti-choice.

It counters the freedom-loving narrative! It’s a buzzkill! Ron Paul fans LOVE RON PAUL, DAMMIT, stop saying bad things about him! Haterz! You hate freedom, too!

If FREEDOM!™ means the freedom for rich-white-straight-men to dictate to others how to live, what medications to take, and take away control of others’ own bodies? Then, yep, I hate FREEDOM!™

The very idea that a Presidential candidate can trot out the freedom trope, and millions of people buy it, when that same candidate has stated over and over again that a woman should have no right to decide what happens to her own body, to decide whether or not to risk her own fucking life for another potential life, is utterly flabbergasting.

Ron Paul does not love freedom. He loves freedom for himself, and others exactly like him–and no one else.

Ron Paul fans are quick to jump on anyone who points these facts out. But otherwise? They completely ignore this issue. Here’s one of the memes:

The last three photos on the lowest row are a fucking riot. “Thinks you should have the right to decide for yourself” to smoke marijuana. Why? Because metric fucktons of straight white men do that–so of course it should be legal! Ron Paul is all about choice when it comes to straight white men! Just not abortion! Or birth control!

“You know the establishment is evil when they fear a 76 year-old OBGYN that preaches peace.” Ron Paul doesn’t preach peace. He advocates for a war against women, against non-Christians, against anyone who doesn’t fit into his neat, white, narrow-minded box. The “establishment” is evil, unless it enforces conservative Christian ideals of morality. The establishment is evil, unless it panders to the demands and sensibilities of the Religious Right.

No. Ron Paul’s racism is bad enough–but Ron Paul critics have much more “on him” than racist newsletters ghostwritten in his name.


About Brittany-Ann
Brittany-Ann is a proud, self-identified feminist with fictional tendencies. She currently writes for and moderates at My Fault I'm Female. She smokes camels, reads Dumas, and navigates a conservative state as "one of them darn liberals."

One Response to Ron Paul Memes

  1. finewine says:

    I recommend reading his book “Liberty Defined”
    I don’t think you will consider him to be a bigot or religious fundamentalist. As for abortion, well you’ll never agree with him on that. But he makes the case for coexistence of all religions better than most “bleeding heart” liberals do.

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