The Versatile Blogger Awards

So, check this out: the fabulous Nominatissima has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Awwww! I seriously almost cried. Who wouldn’t when someone as badass as Nominatissima writes something so sweet:

“It’s hard to say what I like best about this blog: The friendly, easygoing writing style of Brittany, the variety of topics she covers, or the vein of humour running through it all. But it all comes together nicely.”

Thank you, dear! It made my day. I am not ashamed to admit that I went into work Thursday and bragged to any co-worker that would listen.

So, here’s what I have to do to qualify.

1) Nominate 15 fellow bloggers

2) Inform the Bloggers of their nomination

3) Share 7 random things about yourself

4) Thank the blogger who nominated you

5) Post the award badge.

My day is not complete without having made the rounds to my favorite blogs. Some of them are well known and popular, like Shakesville and Clarissa’s Blog. Others have their own niches on the net, and I’d like to share those with you.

1.) Love, Joy, Feminism. Libby Anne started writing to share her journey out of Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull–she’s grown so much as a writer, and as a person, becoming more confident, and with that, she branched out to writing about feminism, atheism, and insightful posts about extreme religious movements in the United States. I’ve learned a lot from her, and I enjoy reading her insights about all sorts of things.

2. The Pervocracy. Holly writes about sex, BDSM, feminism, and has fun features like her monthly Cosmocking posts. (I love those!) I’m a gal who’s open and frank, and loves to talk about sex, so it’s awesome to see a woman write openly about sex–in the nitty-gritty, not the abstract. I love to laugh and head-desk and mock Cosmo right along with Holly and her readers as well. (Well…maybe not the head desking part. That hurts.)

3. Proofreading? What’s That? Lydia Dowell and I went to WKU together, and since I’ve gone, Lydia has started up this blog, and it’s one little way I keep up with her. She’s seriously awesome, peeps. She writes about her life, LGBT rights, politics, and fashion and make-up. I’m not so much into fashion, and I couldn’t apply make-up any better than a twelve year old, so those posts are strange and foreign to me, but fascinating. Lydia is smart, funny, passionate, and driven. She’s, as a mutual friend would say, kind of a big deal, so check her blog out.

4. Every Saturday Morning. I’ve mentioned this blog a few times before–it’s written and maintained by the escorts of the only clinic in Louisville that offers abortion services. It’s a multifaceted blog, offering personal stories, photos, video, commentary on local and national events, as well as information on reproductive services and the local anti-choicers harassing patients. They’re good people, and deserve lots of props.

5. Pulse of the City. Okay, so, I kind of have a conflict of interest here, because I write for this blog as well. However, when I want to find out what’s going on in Louisville, this is where I go. Not to the Courier-Journal (which prints the same sorry crap over and over.), not to Leo or Velocity (I do like those magazines, but it’s more of a lighthearted quick-read than anything else) but the Pulse. Rick has over 50 writers now, with a variety of interests and views, so it’s well-balanced.

6. No Longer Quivering. Vickie Garrison created this site to share her journey out of Quiverfull, and since then, the site has quickly expanded to add several more writers sharing their stories, resources, a forum, and information. This site is where I first came across Libby Anne. You want to know what really goes in within Quiverfull and other similar movements? Check this blog out–these women are strong and courageous, and have turned their suffering and hardships into an outreach effort to help other women, and to educate the general public.

7. Fallen From Grace. Bruce is a former Independent Fundamentalist Baptist preacher turned atheist. He writes about religion, atheism, politics, and a whole range of other things. I got hooked on his blog a while back–his writing is as fascinating as his story.

8. Captain Awkward. I’ve always been a fan of advice columns, but Captain Awkward is the best. She gives out advice on all sorts of topics, and when she isn’t comfortable answering a question, she’ll find someone who is and guest-post. This blog is entertaining and helpful–and the community is pretty helpful too.

9. Once Jaded, Twice Snarked. Jaded is a great writer. I love interacting with her (it’s been a while, Jaded! I miss you!) and her posts are always insightful. She can make me feel uncomfortable and clueless–and not in a negative way. There’s a lot I don’t know, and a lot I want and need to learn about. I’ve learned quite a bit from Jaded–she is one blogger I would love to meet one day, because she’s smart, funny, and passionate: a deadly combination.

10. Commandments of Men. This blogger started writing after a personal encounter with extreme Christian Patriarchy. He shares his insight of the cult/ure as an outsider inside. I don’t read many Christian blogs–this is one of my exceptions.

And…that’s it. I can’t make it to fifteen without nominating blogs with large followings, or blogs that I don’t read that often.

Now for the seven random things! I have a feeling these random “things” about myself will turn into “things and stories that illustrate them.”

1. I’m a foodie. I love to eat, I love going out to eat, and I love trying new foods. Louisville has a ton of great restaurants–as did Bowling Green, where WKU is located. I love takeout Chinese, Mexican, sushi, Czech, Filipino, Albanian, and cheese. Conversely, I hate to cook, but when I get in the mood, I like to throw random and odd combinations of things together. It’s always tasty, but my family usually balks at it, so I get it all to myself.

2. I will read just about anywhere. For example, recently I read at a local pub I frequent, and a sushi bar. In high school, I read in gym class. I participated as much as I felt was required, then headed off to the bleachers to read. I got a “B” in the class because “I read too much.” That grade was a badge of honor for me.

3. I am a very mischievous person. I love to freak people out. Story time! A few years ago, I was going to have a couple beers with a friend of my younger brother’s while home from college. My brother had several other friends over the house, and they were hanging out in his room with the door open. My companion, J, and I left my house and headed to his truck. It had recently rained and I didn’t notice this deep mud puddle next to the driveway. Naturally, I fell.

Naturally, it was a cartoon-ish fall where I slipped, flew in the air, and fell flat on my back in the middle of the mud, shrieking at the top of my lungs. I was covered in mud, people, and soaking wet. J heard my shriek (who didn’t?), rushed over, and immediately started apologizing. I needed to clean up–but there was no way that I could go into the house–I would have tracked and dripped everywhere. Unfortunately, I would have to walk past my brother’s room to get to both bathrooms. I didn’t want to be mocked by my brother and his friends. But there was no way that I was going to be sprayed down with a hose. Somehow, falling into a mud puddle didn’t really offend my dignity, but the idea of being sprayed down with a hose did, in a big way.

So J and I were standing on my back deck trying to figure out what to do. Then it hit me. I immediately stripped down to my underwear, with J gaping at me in shock. I then went into the house and began prancing down the hall. As I walked past my brother’s room, I grinned and waved a little to my brother. His eyes went wide as saucers and he stared. As I reached the bathroom, I heard him bellowing J’s name. My brother fell for it–he thought J and I had gotten down and dirty in the driveway.

We eventually got those beers, and we laughed about it all night long.

4. The CD in my car stereo at the moment is Eminem’s Recovery. I have a ball singing along in the car. I once “rapped” an entire song to a barful of blue collar folk twice my age (it was “Almost Famous,” my favorite, for those curious). And yes, I know, he’s homophobic and sexist as fuck. I’d like him a lot better if he weren’t, but I do like him.

5. My favorite season is summer. I loathe wearing tons of clothes, and I dislike being cold. Boo winter. One day I will live somewhere that is warm year-round.

6. My parents were very shocked when I told them I wanted to join Civil Air Patrol when I was fourteen. I was very stubborn, smart-mouthed, and I didn’t do well with authority. So, to them, why would I want to join a para-military organization, and be ordered around all the time? They didn’t think I would last very long. I was in CAP for five years.

7. I am a messy person. So was my roommate my last two years of college. Whenever someone made a comment on the state of our room, we said this: “We are messy. But we are not nasty.” Ah, I miss my roomie. We understood each other so well.

So there you have it! Happy New Year, all!


A Letter From Mitch McConnell!


Ooh, shiny! Another letter that pretends I completely agree with his point of view and that he’ll totally stand up and represent my interests in the Senate!

Honestly. Really.

How brave of him.

Southeast Christian Church Behind Louisville Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Check this out, from Every Saturday Morning:

We have two CPCs, one next door and one within one block of the EMW Women’s Surgical Center. Both are called A Woman’s Choice (AWC) and they are operated under the same corporation. The corporation name is A Choice for Life, a corporation formed by Southeast Christian Church. AWC is a separate non-profit corporation affiliated with the church, but they share board members.”

(Emphasis mine.)

Don’t believe it? Check out the church’s website. The crisis pregnancy centers (they evidently have one in Shelby county, too.) are the top two on their list of “secondary community partners.”

For those of you who don’t know, Southeast Christian Church is the largest mega-church in the state of Kentucky. As of 2010, over 19,000 people are members of Southeast Christian Church.

I wonder how many of them know they support an organization of people who lie, sabotage women’s healthcare, and assault the people who support patients? (Not to mention break the law by blocking access to the women’s clinic.)

Regardless, I doubt many in the general community know–I certainly didn’t, not until the awesome people at Every Saturday Morning enlightened me. This is certainly something Louisvillians need to know. Knowledge is power–and we’ve got to do something.

This is absolutely disgusting. I cannot express how angry this makes me. I’ve long been disgusted by the way that mega-churches use their wealth (expensive facilities, luxuries for members, mind-blowing shit like a 200-acre country retreat…) but to wallow in luxury while also sending thugs to harass and assault women and the escorts? I wonder if one could ever come up with a better example of modern-day Pharisees than this.

LOL of the Day: Paulites

I came upon this brilliant post by Ashley F. Miller via Clarissa’s weekly blogaround, a summation of reasons to dislike Ron Paul.

Better, though, were the cohorts of Paul that flocked to Miller’s post to defend Paul and debase her. Anyone else notice that Paulites always use the same strategies to defend Paul? Every time. The same. Perhaps I’ll write a separate post about that in the future.

But what amused me most of all about the commenters were these responses here, to Ashley asserting that most of Paul’s defenders came from a Ron Paul fan site.

How does she know? they wonder. She must be making it up, they say. Incredulity, all around. Not to mention quick jumps to accusations of lying and conspiracies.

Really, have none of these trolls ever heard of statistics pages that most major blogging hosts have nowadays? It’s true. Not only can you see how many people are viewing specific posts and pages, but you can also see where these viewers came from, and gasp! What links they clicked on!

Such a little thing to pick out, but it amused me nonetheless. Ah, Ron Paul fans. Please, keep it up–it’s Monday, I could use some entertainment.