A Heads Up to Republicans re: Election 2010

Congressman Phil Roe of Tennessee:

Look. Stop talking about the election last November as if it were a mandate to do whatever it is that Republicans are wanting to do this day, or that day. The FACT is, the Republicans that were elected ran on “jobs, jobs, jobs.” They didn’t run on “defund Planned Parenthood at all costs” or “shut down the government.” People are UNEMPLOYED, you PROMISED to get them jobs, and THAT’S what they elected you for.

Not to mention *puts on political scientist hat* that the first midterm has traditionally been unfavorable for the party in power. You understand tradition, don’t you? This was no overwhelming takeover. There were no landslides. November 2010 was a normal election.

Keep going right–and there will be a huge backlash. If there is anything to be learned from Wisconsin, it is that.


About Brittany-Ann
Brittany-Ann is a proud, self-identified feminist with fictional tendencies. She currently writes for LouisvilleKY.com and moderates at My Fault I'm Female. She smokes camels, reads Dumas, and navigates a conservative state as "one of them darn liberals."

2 Responses to A Heads Up to Republicans re: Election 2010

  1. mcoville says:

    The mandate sent by the majority of voters in November 2010 was “No more deficit spending and let the free market create jobs”.

    Now admittedly, some RINOs where allowed back to Washington so we will have to get them out in 2012.

    The one thing I think a lot of people over look when they think 2010 was just a “anti-incumbent” midterm is that Clinton was the first Democrat since Truman to get a second term. I think that we owe President Obama a big thank you for awakening the sleeping conservative majority in America and get them involved.

    I can’t wait for 2012.

    • Brittany-Ann says:

      You and I will have to disagree on that first point. A politician hoping to get elected during a time of high unemployment has to do better than “let the free market create jobs,” especially when that “free market,” that is, the private sector, has overwhelmingly been the sector that has done the laying-off. It’s not politically expedient or wise. Now, the means by which these Republicans promised to create jobs were essentially that–giving big businesses tax cuts in the hopes that they will use that money to hire people, and not simply transfer that money from government coffers to silk-lined pockets, but that is not the way they presented it. Desperate people will hear promises to help, and take it in good faith. Unfortunately, the Republicans took advantage of that.

      Mcoville, it is not a mistake. It is an accepted fact in the field of political science, and its sub-field, American politics, that a first midterm is typically unfavorable to the governing party. There are, of course, circumstances that will cause the opposite, but that is the nature of politics.

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