Take Heart.

In the wake of Rand Paul’s election, and the resulting gloating of conservatives, I discovered Tim Wise’s essay, An Open Letter to the White Right, On the Occasion of Your Recent, Successful Temper Tantrum. And it is beautiful.

Despite the numbers–that the Tea Party wasn’t as successful as they were predicting, that, as Tim points out, the birthrate points to racial minorities becoming the majority in a generation, and every other indicator that Americans just aren’t interested in Tea Party America, they just won’t shut up.

Reading this piece gives me heart, especially after so many bloggers and pundits repeating the assertion that Democrats are hopelessly spineless, that a progressive agenda will never come to fruition, and so on. We’ve lost before. We’ll lose again. But in the end, justice, equality, and freedom will come out on top. Americans are legendarily bull-headed, progressives as much as conservatives. Might doesn’t make Right. Right makes Might.

We survived Bush. I’ve no doubt we survive the cowardly Rand Paul. As we get another taste of the bitterness that was forced down our throats during the Bush years, we’ll regroup with a stronger resolve to end discrimination against our LGBT brethren, to end the enduring discrimination against women and racial minorities, and to repair the damage done in the Bush years.

I’m reminded as I struggle with personal loss and to make my own living in a world of economic struggle, not to lose sight of the larger picture. And I’m thankful for a fantastic support network of family and friends (liberal and conservative alike) that allows me to do so. Without them, I wouldn’t have the privilege of writing. And it is a privilege–the recent events spurred my absence served as a cold, hard reminder of that. The world is cold and hard–but I will struggle to be a warm, bleeding heart in the midst of it.


About Brittany-Ann
Brittany-Ann is a proud, self-identified feminist with fictional tendencies. She currently writes for LouisvilleKY.com and moderates at My Fault I'm Female. She smokes camels, reads Dumas, and navigates a conservative state as "one of them darn liberals."

4 Responses to Take Heart.

  1. clarence says:

    Yes it’s true that at current rates , latinos will become the dominant racial majority within another generation. But even then whites , like me, will still be a far large proportion of the population then blacks are today. You may want to consider that.

    More to the point:
    A. Tim Wise is a race baiter and race hater. I’ve always considered everyone of whatever hue a member of the human race, and I’ve never hated my whiteness nor felt any guilt for being so. If you try to make this guy your spokesman, whites will abandon the Democratic party in droves. Racial self-hatred is not a healthy message, nor a popular one, except for 20 something white folk, most of whom grow out of it. It certainly can lead to others taking advantage of you.
    B. The economy of this country, heck of the world will probably collapse well before 2040. Tough times don’t lead to racial or progressive paradises.
    C. It’s possible the demographic shift won’t happen. Most of it is driven by economics, as the economics in the US gets progressively worse, esp if nativist sentiment grows many will NOT come here.
    D. Blacks and hispanics don’t always get a long. Plenty of gang wars are going on in prisons and on the streets of LA and San Fran between black and latino gangs as we speak. It’s not a given that there won’t be race war in the future between 2 of the 3 main races in this country or all 3 of the main races in this country.
    E. Congratulations. I assume at your young age you KNOW you don’t want a kid. Personally, I’d wonder why the fertility of white women seems to have went in the gutter. I mean you aren’t getting knocked up by either white or black men in sufficient numbers (esp. liberal “feminist” women) to reproduce yourselves. For whatever reasons this is, women who don’t have children will have next to no say in the raising of the ones that are born.

    So in short, don’t be intellectually smug. The future isn’t necessarily rosy, and forewarned can be forearmed.

    • Brittany-Ann says:

      It’s funny. Just the other day I had to reject a hard-core white supremacist who attempted to post a pretty disgusting comment. I knew I was doing something right when trolls came out. You’re a lighter, much more condescending version.

      Tim Wise is not a race-baiter. There’s no such thing as a race baiter, it’s simply a degenerative term for anyone who dares speak critically about current race issues. It’s funny, again, that you degenerate blacks and latin@s as groups because of street and prison gangs. Who’s “race baiting” now? Tim, as a white man, points out white privilege, and criticizes white people for their racist attitudes and behaviors. He uses his privilege as a white, straight, cisgender male for good. It burns you up, doesn’t it? I imagine “traitor” is on the tip of your tongue.

      I suggest you educate yourself before spouting off about gangs. Economic condition and crime rates in one’s neighborhood is more indicative of gang membership. Race has little to do with it–save that the economically disadvantaged are more likely to be brown. I bet you don’t even realize racism might have something to do with that, huh?

      You’re really covering all your bases whining about white women not out-breeding browns, aren’t you? But doing it in the same comment as your insistence that you don’t see color, that it doesn’t matter to you, quite frankly, makes you look even more an ignorant fool that any one of these little comments do on their own. And FYI, individually, they make you look quite foolish.

      I’ll be as “intellectually” smug as I want–especially in the face of condescending, racist, sexist, ageist people like you. You choose to hate, to be ignorant, to behave so foolishly, and to narrow your world so to limit the full richness that life can offer. I won’t feel sorry for you–you dig your own grave. Okay, maybe I do a little bit. But I feel sorrier for the people that you inflict this hate upon.

  2. Clarence says:

    I doubt this will get published, but I know you will see it.

    I’m just going to throw your assumptions back at you.

    A. I live in a mixed race neighborhood in a poor area of Baltimore. I probably see more gangs in a day then you have in your life. And yes, I’ve got black friends. And yes, I’d consider marrying a black woman. And yes, of course I’m a racist and sexist since only white people can be racists and only men can be sexists. See, I can write your ideology for you.
    B. I was reading Tim Wise 10 years ago. Yes, at 39, I’ve been on the internet quite a bit longer than you presumably have. I’ve been a voracious reader since I was ten, I got the internet in 1996. I even remember when AOL was the dominant means to get on the net. I think I know what Tim Wise is about. And yes, I’ve read his white privilege lists. Lists he gets paid quite well to spout off about. Most of the stuff on those lists has never applied to me, and of the few things that have, most of them are things that have only applied in certain circumstances.
    C. Not seeing color in my personal life has nothing to do with not noticing how color is made use of by various demagogues of both the left and the right. My color supposedly condemns me. Next, you’ll be foolish enough to think I don’t know the difference between womanism and feminism.
    D. I wasn’t complaining about you not breeding, I was bragging. It’s not so much your race I was focusing on as your feminism, though I know most of the feminist who tend to be most hateful of white men are, ironically, white women feminists. Your brand of progressive feminism is dying off primarily because none of you have any use for the vast majority of men nor much use for children when you aren’t using them to shelter you in your various exits of metaphorical Titanics. Women, people of a certain ideology, people of a certain race DIE OFF when they do not breed at replacement or above levels. Simple biological fact. Tim Wise’s hateful one-sided vision of things might come to pass (probably not) but those of your ideology won’t for the most part, be there to see it. Congratulations on a hollow bit of triumphalism.
    E. My predictions for the future are to put it bluntly, rather pessimistic. Even if you discount global warming we have the fact that the global economic system is teetering, the US banks are corrupt and overleveraged with bad debt, and we just acted to slam down the volume of our dollar. On top of that there’s “Peak Oil” and other peak resource issues to worry about, but even though I’m a technological optimist, I don’t think anyone serious in our government is doing anything to replace the infrastructure that needs replaced. Finally, there’s the fact that A.I. has finally started coming into its own, after years of being stymied by a few bad ideas that had solidified into dogma. Basically you don’t just have to worry about competing with slave labor around the world to satisfy our corporate rulers, you now have to worry about being replaced by a robot.

    So yeah, all of this, and you think YOU can see a bright clear rosy future? That’s intellectual arrogance par excellence. I have some hope, but if the sh** hits the fan, I hold you and your simplistic progressivism responsible for your own little contribution to the stupidity and the bloodshed due to your own little comfortably unexamined ideological blind spots.

    • Brittany-Ann says:

      You’re not racist because you’re white. You’re racist because you say and think racist things.

      AOL-dominated internet? I remember it too. Funny. This “you damn kids get off of my porch!” syndrome is really not helping anyone take you seriously. It’s making you look pathetically comical.

      This is probably going to be news to you, but feminism isn’t genetic. It isn’t bred into you. So, this whole, you’re-going-to-die-off-because-you’re-not-going-to-breed thing? Makes you, again, look really stupid. Also, love how you’re making assumptions about my childbearing status, current and future. Who’s making assumptions? That’s right, you are.
      You making generalizations about POC thing is okay, but Tim Wise analyzing and speaking about/to a portion of the white population about some of their actions isn’t? Remember honey, it isn’t always about you.

      But, why am I even bothering? You’re not in “a poor, mixed-race area in Baltimore.” You’re 30ish miles away. And you’re hardly in a poor area, especially for the 92% white population. It looks like a really pretty town, actually. Do yourself a favor and go to the park. I’m done with you.

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