Election Day

Today is election day. Tonight we’ll see if Kentucky has gone completely insane. We’ll see if we deserve the reputation we’ve gotten nationally, and internationally.

I don’t need to read the reaction to Rand Paul’s campaign staffers jumping a young, liberal woman to know what the reaction is. I know there are scores of people blaming the woman for three men beating the ever-loving stool out of her. We blame women for being stalked, harassed, raped, beaten by their partners, why not blame them for conservative, tea bagging thugs stomping on their heads?

Thing is, this incident is a lot more than anyone else has bothered to say.

Domestic terrorism.

Voter intimidation.

Oh yeah, I said it. That’s what it is. These Rand Paul fanatics, supporters and employees, beat the stool out of this woman because she disagreed with them. Full stop. Plan and simple. This woman dared to speak publicly, voicing her political opinion, taking and exercising her Constitution-given right. And these Rand Paul thugs couldn’t stand it. I bet Rand Paul couldn’t stand it, either.

We are admonished as children to be careful who we choose to befriend, because who we associate with says a lot about us. Our friends reflect our values, and what’s more, these friends influence us.

Rand Paul chose to associate with violent, fanatical thugs. He chose to associate with men who believe our Constitutional rights only apply to them, and people who look and think like them. Anyone else? Better sit down, and shut up, or they’ll beat the stool out of you, too. Sounds like Al-Qaeda. Why? Because they are very, very similar. Using violence, or threat of violence to silence dissent is domestic terrorism.

It’s also voter intimidation. Voting is the ultimate way we express our political opinions. Will this woman ever be able to attend a rally, vote, or even wear a button without checking around to make sure tea bagger, Rand Paul thugs aren’t around? It’s doubtful.

Rand Paul’s thugs didn’t just intimidate this one, single woman. They intimidated all of us. They sent a message to all women, to all liberals: here’s what will happen to you if you don’t do exactly as we say.

Rand Paul disassociated with these thugs too little, too late. He, and the tea party spent months courting these thugs, and people like them, whipping them up into a fervor, feeding them lies, telling them that we liberals want to kill America and eat their babies, especially us liberal women. I’m horrified at what happened to Lauren Valle, but I’m not surprised in the least. This isn’t an isolated incident.

Tea party candidates across the nation have themselves, or had their employees use threat of violence, or actual violence against citizens who question them. Joe Miller hired military servicemembers as security, who then assaulted and illegally detained a reporter for asking a question. Rand Paul and Dan Seum manhandled a 70-something year old man who dared to ask questions they didn’t like at the Southwest Government Center here in Louisville. This shows a pattern. A pattern of violence, contempt of dissent, disregard for our Constitution and our political process. We cannot as responsible citizens condone this behavior. Not by ignorant individuals, and certainly not candidates to political office in the United States government.

Responsible and ethical Republican and conservative friends and readers, this is not the party you believe in. I’m sorry to say it, but ignorance, hatred, greed, and contempt have infected your party, and led to these despicable events. However much you may wish for your party to gain power, today is not the time. Violence needs to be quelled. Fanatics need to be purged. Hatred needs to be expelled from your ranks. There needs to be some in-house cleaning, and that cannot happen when these fanatics believe their tactics intimidated us, and gotten them what they wanted.

I stood up in the face of Rand Paul thugs’ intimidation and violence. As a liberal woman, I stood up and voted today. Against violence. Against voter intimidation. Against silencing of dissent.

But not without checking around me for Rand Paul supporters.


About Brittany-Ann
Brittany-Ann is a proud, self-identified feminist with fictional tendencies. She currently writes for LouisvilleKY.com and moderates at My Fault I'm Female. She smokes camels, reads Dumas, and navigates a conservative state as "one of them darn liberals."

4 Responses to Election Day

  1. Bob S. says:

    I know there are scores of people blaming the woman for three men beating the ever-loving stool out of her.

    Really? Beat the Stool out of her??

    I’m not sure what video you watched but I saw her being restrained and being pushed to the ground. I saw 1 — 1 person put his foot on her shoulder and push down.

    And he was instantly told to stop that, that it wasn’t needed or cool — and he stopped immediately.

    How is that beating the stuffing out of her?

    This woman dared to speak publicly, voicing her political opinion, taking and exercising her Constitution-given right

    No, they restrained her because she rushed Paul’s car and shoved a sign in his face. No one knew what else she was going to do.

    They let her go after that and she rushed Paul again after he left the car.

    It isn’t a free speech issue, it is a candidate safety issue.

    I don’t agree with the actions of the person who ‘stomped’ on her shoulder. It was unneeded and was immediately reputed by the people around him — those very same Rand Paul supporters you are throwing under the bus.

    • Brittany-Ann says:

      I let your comment through because it demonstrates so nicely the apologism going around. I saw the video. Unless she’s a hunchback, he stomped on her head. I’m not sure exactly what you seek to gain by trying to say he was wrong out of one side of your mouth, while saying she deserved it out of the other. No Tea Partier or Rand Paul supporter has come out in full condemnation of that beating. Most, actually, have come out with some version of [tw] “that liberal bitch got what she deserved.”

      I hear lots about this “rushing.” If someone trying to get through a crowd of rowdy Rand Paul supporters to present Rand with a fake award is “rushing” then so be it. Don’t tell me that tea partiers, who rally with every gun they own strapped on themselves, is threatened physically by a tiny, liberal woman with a sign.

      If you’re a decent human being at all, stop eating what that violent thug Tim Proffit feeds you, and condemn his behavior for what it was.

      If Tea Partiers can rally with their guns, liberals can rally with their signs. Don’t pretend you wouldn’t be outraged, outraged if Jack Conway supporters did the same to a helpless young woman.

      • Bob S. says:

        Show me exactly where I said she deserved it please.

        She didn’t deserve to be ‘stomped’ never said that.

        Check out the video and the photo from here


        Does that look like her head?
        Watch her shoulder move downward, does a head move like that?

        Given to hyperbole aren’t you?

        Don’t tell me that tea partiers, who rally with every gun they own strapped on themselves, is threatened physically by a tiny, liberal woman with a sign.

        Sorry but most of the people there weren’t armed and definitely didn’t see any armed security around Rand Paul.

        If Tea Partiers can rally with their guns, liberals can rally with their signs

        I agree but repeatedly approaching the candidate –regardless of party — is not cool. Would you approve of someone trying to run up to President Obama with unknown intentions? Of course not, I wouldn’t either.

        If she had just been standing around with a sign that would be one thing, just like the “Tea Partyers” were just standing around with their firearms. They didn’t endanger or appear to endanger anyone with their actions.

        This lady ran up to his car, then ran up to him again after being pulled away. Size doesn’t matter in this case because it wasn’t a fist fight.

        Her intentions were only known after the fact

        • Brittany-Ann says:

          Darling, I am not a tea partier. You cannot tell me something untrue over and over and have me believe it.

          I will respond only for the sake of my other readers, because you are banned. I do not tolerate apologism for sexism, homophobia, transphobia, disablism, or VIOLENCE. Believing that any part of those actions are warranted, is to endorse the full of it.

          Really, citizens aren’t allowed to approach candidates? What world do you live on? Let me tell you something. Rand Paul and his Tea Party friends may not like questions, or even being in the presence of anyone other than an adoring fan, but that’s not the way it works. Rand Paul has a documented history of avoiding questions, and even manhandling citizens who won’t shut up with the questions, but he was running for political office. Now he’s a Senator. The moment he decided to run for office is when his little bubble popped.

          Lauren Valle, because “the lady” has a name, because she’s a full human being despite being liberal, was at a public debate for candidates. In approaching Rand, her intentions are obvious: she wanted to see him up close. If you can produce a video showing her screaming that she was going to kill him? Then I’ll relent and admit some of those actions were justified. Otherwise? No. It was an attack, and Lauren was attacked because she was existing while liberal and female. And Tim Profitt and his buddies are thugs. And Rand Paul is digusting for associating with such people.

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