Get Your Activism On: A Double Shot of Discrimination and Espresso.

Earlier today, The Double Shot Company, a coffee shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, committed a big no-no: they announced on Twitter that breastfeeding was banned in their shop.

But whoops! Breastfeeding is legally protected in Oklahoma, rendering their announcement illegal. The tweet spread like wildfire. Boycotts and sit-ins started being planned. The coffee shop was being denouncement, roundly and loudly.

Their response? This Tweet:

Settle down, folks. We just don’t like walking across the room and seeing your breast. Maybe you could do it in private.

Ah, the old ‘your milk-filled breasts with babies attached are nasty’ approach. Needless to say, that didn’t help matters, to put it lightly.

I wondered, at that Tweet, if the account actually represented the business, so I did a little investigating. Brian Franklin, the owner of the account, is the “Roastmaster General” at the company, as seen on their website. The Twitter feed is even shown on their website’s main page. I was kind of hoping it was a joke. But no. It’s not. This guy is serious. Apparently he thought his response was appropriate. But anyhow, the criticism didn’t stop. What did Mr. Franklin, General of Coffee Beans do?


Ok ok, breastfeeding allowed again at the DoubleShot. Hey! Breastfeeding all around. 🙂

I don’t know what it is about antagonizers, but they think an about-face and a smiley will solve the problem. Charming, real-life smiles don’t make up for discriminatory behavior-a colon+parentheses internet smiley does even less.

But us angry-feminists and lactivists didn’t react in the fantasy-woman way, namely, smiles, kisses, and forgiveness. So he tweeted again:

I was just kidding anyway. Didn’t expect that blow up. Sorry to get you guys riled up.

And here we get the non-apology apology. Us wimminz should be satisfied now, right? It was just a joke!

I don’t think the women of Twitter will be satisfied with his behavior and backtracks. I’m just waiting for the Humorless Feminists charge.

I have to wonder if there’s a misogynistic template somewhere, because these instances of sexism and discrimination always follow the same script.

Nevertheless, I know the one place I’m avoiding next time I visit Tulsa. You should avoid it too–when a business openly and publicly demonstrates their willingness to discriminate, even when it’s plainly illegal, the likelihood of worse instances of discrimination behind closed doors is high. That’s not someone I want making my coffee. Express your displeasure on Twitter, or directly at the source.

Sorry, Mr. Franklin, I see a demotion in your future.


About Brittany-Ann
Brittany-Ann is a proud, self-identified feminist with fictional tendencies. She currently writes for and moderates at My Fault I'm Female. She smokes camels, reads Dumas, and navigates a conservative state as "one of them darn liberals."

9 Responses to Get Your Activism On: A Double Shot of Discrimination and Espresso.

  1. Jen says:

    He owns the company. He won’t be demoted anytime soon. :/

    I quit going there several years back. There was a whole huge stink over some anti-gay comments he allegedly made. That still wasn’t why I quit going. I just didn’t like being made to feel stupid when I went.

    When you ask for just one shot of espresso in your mocha, because you like it a little less hair-curling and it’s later than you usually have caffeine, you don’t particularly want to be told, “No,” and looked at as if you had suggested adding human excrement to the drinks.

    Topeca. That’s a nice place. Joebot’s, run by Topeca. Shades of Brown. Caffe Bona. Nordaggio’s. All local, all full of NICE PEOPLE. Who knows? They may ask you to not nurse when you go, but at least they don’t make announcements against it and wonder why people get upset.

  2. Brittany-Ann says:

    Thanks for the references to other good shops! I love local places-they tend to be so much nicer, the staff friendlier, and the product better. Though Double Shot is an exception in this case. I’m not surprised to hear he’s just as rude in person, and discriminates against other groups, though I am sorry you got treated that way.

    I would like to reiterate though: asking women not to nurse in places they are allowed to be is illegal in Oklahoma, so I would hope the other shops would not do that!

  3. Kate McAllister says:

    Take it to the Better Business Bureau? He’s been an ass for years I’m always surprised when I return to Tulsa periodically to see that the shop is still open.

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  5. raye says:

    I am a breastfeeding mother and a Doubleshot patron. I agree breastfeeding in public is a mothers right, but I also feel there is a certain level of modesty that should be expressed. I am extremely modest in my breastfeeding, the only person I don’t wear a cover or a blanket in front of is my husband. I feel it is my choice to breastfeed, but it is not everyone else’s choice to watch me do it.

    I don’t think business should say they don’t allow breastfeeding, but just as it is allowed to say no shirt, no shoes, no service, I feel that you should at least give every effort to not exposing your breast while breastfeeding.

    • anna says:

      i know, right? like, gees, we really only want to see a woman’s breasts when she looking all hot and sexy for the world to see….not when she is feeding her child….i think it is way more disrespectful to put a blanket over a baby’s head….wow, america has all sorts of twisted beliefs…and while concepts like modesty are arbitrary, the law is not….

  6. Christy says:

    I’m a breastfeeindg mom in Tulsa and my first thought was, “Wow, I’ll never go there again!” Then I remembered that I’ve only been to Doubleshot twice, and that was years ago. The coffee tasted awful and was just about undrinkable, the service was hideous (I know that’s a point of pride with him, but still) and everything was overpriced. So now there’s just one more reason to spend my money at Shades of Brown, or the Coffee House on Cherry Street.

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